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Our services are available 24 x 7 and as such you are guaranteed to get quality health care even at odd hours and on any given day.

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Serve you with an Experienced and Specialized team of Doctors, Nurses and Lab Technicians.

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Emergency Cases
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Doctor Consultation

We have an expert team of doctors, who provides complete undivided care and attention for your mind and body. Our doctors work from your home. They assess, diagnose and treat you depending on your need. They spend ample time with the patient clarifying their queries and health status.

Availability of quality medical care at the comfort of your home.

More personal medical care to the patient and is far more compassionate towards the patient.

Our experienced Physicians backed by fully fledged nursing, paramedical and lab services for a better diagnosis and treatment.

Consultation charges are lower or at par with the hospital visit charges, so you not only save on travelling but also on your medical bills.

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Nursing Service

We have registered nurses, nurse practitioners as well as nurses with specialties in palliative care, pediatrics, wound care and general nursing care. Nurses services includes the following,

Ryle’s tube Insertion

Foleys Catheterization

IV Fluid Administration

Wound care(Dressing)

Stoma Care

Bed sore Care


Total Post-Operative care


Bladder wash

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Lab Service

Our Lab team will collect samples from patients’ home. Our wide range of lab tests includes :

Complete Blood Count


Thyroid Profile

Lipid Profile

Urine Routine & Culture

Cholesterol Test

Vitamin Test

Kidney Profile

Liver Function Test

Creatine Test

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Palliative Care

Our palliative care offers a broad range of services; the goals of palliative treatment are concrete: relief from suffering, treatment of pain and other distressing symptoms, psychological and spiritual care, a support system to help the individual live as actively as possible and a support system to sustain and rehabilitate the individual's family. Our aim is to improve quality of life for both the person and their family.

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Welcome to astrix

Complete Medical Solutions in One Place

Astrix is a trusted healthcare provider in Thiruvananthapuram which strives to deliver high quality health care to the clients in their own homes through supporting the healthcare needs of individuals and family.

Astrix provide both home care and home health care for its clients. The key difference between two of our services is that “home care” is nonclinical care and “home health” is clinical care.

Avstrix’s “home health care” is clinical medical care provided by a Doctor, Registered Nurse and other skilled medical professionals including Para-medical staffs, Psychologists/Psychiatric Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Yoga Therapists and Dieticians.

Mr. Aneesh, Director


Our Services

Astrix Home Health Care, with its unique treatment options, delivers a wide range of services with compassion and care to the comfort of your home.

Our Medical Specialists

Meet our experts who are always ready to serve you with their full heart. The back bone of our team!!!

Dr. Allwin Antoo RN,MD
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Mittu, BDS, MHA
Dental surgeon
Medical Specialist
Medical Specialist
Packages For You

Affordable Treatment Packages

A health check up at right time is necessary for early detection, management and treatment of health complications. We ensure total health care by providing various attractive packages. We have following packages

Monthly package

Yearly Package

Family Healthcare Package

Corporate Package

Regular Checkup

Geriatric Special Care

Rental Services

Rent Medical Equipments

We always support your loved ones by proving the support they needed. The following life saving instruments are given on rental bases,

Suction machine

Bi-PAP machine

Oxygen Concentrator

Adjustable Cot


Highest Quality Medical Treatment

We ensure high quality, personal, and compassionate care for ill, elderly, and disabled patients by providing personalized service in the convenience of a patient's home.

We attend patients’ individual and medical needs in a professional and compassionate manner and thus ensure peace of mind to both the patient and their families.

We regularly observe and monitor physical and mental condition, intake and output, and exercise of patients’ and thus ensure high quality care.

We ensure patients’ safety by following four principles of health care ethics that is autonomy, beneficence, non-malfeasance, and justice.

What Our Patients Say

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Our Stories, Tips & Latest News

Want to know more about us???? Here is the latest news.

Geriatric care at Home

Elderly people need special care to lead a healthy life. We have a good team to plan, coordinate and monitor the elderly people with physical/ mental impairments to improve their quality of life and to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Wound Care Management

We have a group of nurses who are experts to treat complex wounds. Your non healing wound was assessed by our specialist. This will enable us to use appropriate wound management and pain management plans.

Special Care at Home

We take care of you from top to toe. To ensure your overall health whoever you are, we started 2 new health packages- Corporate package and Geriatric Special Care package by giving special consideration to employees and elderly people.